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Research has shown the following benefits of PEMF therapy:
• Improved circulation   • Reduction of pain   • Muscle relaxation and performance
• Reduction of swelling   • Muscle relaxation and performance   • Decreased inflammation
• Improved oxygenation in the tissues   • Improved sleep   • Enhanced cellular repair and recovery
• Immune balancing   • Joint cartilage repair

What Is HUGO™ device?

The earth pulses with an electromagnetic field; this magnetic pulse is vital to life. Our bodies also pulse with the same basic frequency as the earth, and the pulse from the earth works like a battery recharger for our bodies.

As we age, our frequency pulse decreases. The Pulsed Electromagnet Field mat works like a relay station for pumping blood and improving circulation through the vast network of our 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Hugo is the only nano-second gap Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) device that offers a full body delivery system. The unique design offers two full body mats for top to bottom coverage, allowing for an equal distribution of magnetic field though the body during a 12-minute session.
With more than 2,000 double blind studies performed, PEMF demonstrates the efficacy and safety in utilizing magnetic therapy.


HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF utilizes a Nano-Second Spark Gap technology. With HUGO™ there is no doubt that it is working – you can feel the pulsations.

So-called “Low intensity PEMF” devices use resonance aka oscillating magnetic fields with waveforms and frequencies (these are also referred to as “hummers”), these produce resonating/oscillating magnetic fields.

These oscillating hummer type devices have different uses and applications, and they are much less expensive because of the type of components used. They work very differently energetically than High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices.

The High Intensity nano-second spark gap PEMF is a true “pulsed” electromagnetic field.

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