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Travelers can also drive from anywhere in the United States and acquire a visa at the Mexican customs station at the border. A holiday to the Copper Canyon promises to be an exciting mix of relaxation, culture, history, wildlife and hiking.

Magnetic Therapy - Big Gun In Holistic Health Care

Most often chronic pain is a combination of nutritional, structural, and emotional perspective; a combination of all these factors, and usually takes a multimodal approach to treatment. However, what can be done to immediately break the cycle of pain and address some of the underlying structural causes of either acute or chronic pain? PEMT (Pulsed […]

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Beeswax is Magical!

If you are considering different types of candles, it is important to be aware of beeswax candle health benefits so you can choose candles that are best for your health.Beeswax is an all-natural, non-toxic waxy substance secreted by bees after they consume honey. Bees use this wax to construct their honeycombs, and when cleaned and filtered, it can be used for beautiful and beneficial candles.The bees are not harmed in the production of bee’s wax candle making.

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Collagen Creates a Stronger More Youthful Body

Collagen has become very popular in recent years; and for good reasons, because Collagen is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles. Collagen has many important functions, including providing your skin with structure and strengthening your joints and bones.In our adult years, our bodies begin to produce less collagen. This process begins when we are around the age of 30 and accelerates in our 40s – leading to the

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Lavender Affects on Brain Function

Lavender has been used traditionally to combat issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and headaches.In November 2013, a study in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice concluded that lavender essential oil was effective in treating depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Studies on the effects of inhaling lavender essential oil vapor concluded that the vapor could potentially prevent dementia. The list goes on. Various studies have determined that lavender essential oil can

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You probably already know that sipping cucumber water is healthier than drinking water alone, but what exactly are the health benefits?

The obvious reason to drink cucumber water is that hydration is vital to good health and since infused waters, like cucumber water, tastes great, chances are you’ll drink more.But did you also know that it can help with weight loss, lowering blood pressure, slowing cancer and skin health!Weight Loss- Cucumber water has almost zero calories. When feeling hungry, drink a glass of cumber water first, to see whether the hunger pangs go away. Being hydrated can also help you feel full.

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Lemon Water is all the rage these days and here’s why…

1. It promotes hydration- Water is the best beverage for hydration, but some people don’t like the taste of it on its own. Adding lemon enhances water’s flavor, which may help you drink more.2. It’s a good source of vitamin C-Citrus fruits like lemons are high in vitamin C, a primary antioxidant that helps protect cells from damaging free radicals. You’ve probably heard that vitamin C may help prevent or limit the duration of the common cold.3. Weight Loss-Research has shown that polyphenol

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