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My Story

At Trinity Fit, my mission is to focus my business model on helping the body heal itself, by providing my clients with all the tools they need to improve their Brain-Immunity & Energy Levels.
Regina Arzate - Holistic Therapies Professional


That is the core reason why I formed my business, Trinity Fit. We are not just bodies but Triune Creations consisting of a mind, body and spirit. In order to create homeostasis (the balance between elements), the facets of this trinity need to be aligned.


I’m a staunch advocate for the promotion of a healthier life through incorporating super nutrients for our bodies, detoxification, brain support through the activation and release of happy hormones as well as tapping into our greater potential.

I firmly believe that there is a direct correlation between what we consume, breathe and think, as the root cause of most illnesses. 

I have studied the art of massage therapy, essential oil blending and ozone therapy. I began cultivating and distilling plants, herbs and flowers grown at our 5-acre garden sanctuary in Murrieta, California, and in 2017, I started my all-natural skin care and wellness company with the mission of helping my clients improve their health and heal their ailments naturally.


Unlock your potential

As I grow my wellness business, I continue to incorporate the very best technology into Trinity Fit. I believe that we can unlock our greatest potential when we utilize all the tools that both God, nature and technology have to offer.
I wish you the best of health and happiness!
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